Space Planning

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Why is the working environment so important?

Commercial space planning is important because a person's work environment is very important. After all, we spend nearly as much time at work as we do at home. According to a recent North American Survey, nearly 50% of workers rank their work environment as the most critical element of job satisfaction. In fact, they ranked environment above praise and recognition, compensation and benefits, job security, and promotions.

What makes a high-quality work environment? These are the five major elements of commercial space planning:

key features
  • Comfort - Assuring that work stations are adjustable and suited to the task, whether sitting, standing, spending hours at the computer or on the phone
  • Efficiency- Locating work teams in convenient proximity, placing equipment near workers who use it most
  • Communication - Organizing each department for the most effective means of communicating internally and externally with co-workers and customers
  • Productivity - Maintaining a logical flow throughout the office
  • Effectiveness -Establishing clear goals and objectives for the work environment
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